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SharePoint is an online collaboration, document management and portal tool combined with approval management and workflow.

It provides your business with security and reliability while streamlining multiple systems and processes through a single integrated platform.

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Power BI is a business intelligence, dashboarding and analytics solution that enables a data driven, more informed way of working.

It enables your business to collate data from multiple sources and visually display graphs and KPIs in a customisable way that doesn't require the use of custom code.

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Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool leading the way in digital transformations, aligning with businesses to scale and grow as they evolve.

It combines ERP and CRM to help your business manage it's products, services, process, manufacturing line, customers, sales and leads all in one package.

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Office 365 encompasses Outlook and Microsoft products such as Excel and Word combined with other cloud IT services bundled together at a great price point.

Microsoft have made it easy to use and download their products and provide regular updates to maximise features and benefits for customers.

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With a range of tools and out-of-the-box features, .NET has always been a staple framework for Enterprise. It is now also a cost effective framework for building applications in the SME sector.

iGenius lead the way in .NET solution architecture, design and implementation to ensure your application is secure, robust and scalable in line with your business.

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Javascript frameworks are a cost effective and scalable solution for modern web applications.

iGenius are experts in modern web application builds specialising in NodeJS, VueJS, AdonisJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other modern stacks to ensure the latest innovations are matched with the latest frameworks.

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