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At iGenius, we specialise in solutions that solve real business issues, bring to life ideas and give our customers a competitive edge.


We believe technology is a vital investment for any business.

Our customer centric approach puts your goals at the core of our solutions, balancing business, people and technology to deliver results.

Our range of products and services are flexible and integrated, combining industry leading software packages with customisable solutions.

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What we do

Digital Transformations

Finding the right balance between business, people and technology is crucial to the success of a digital transformation.

At iGenius, our collaborative approach is about getting the balance right to help realise the benefits of a digital transformation and reach your business goals.

Packages to suit your business

Our solution focused packages are all about delivering value and transparency.

We are upfront about what we will deliver and how much it will cost so that our customers know what to expect

Strategic Thinking

Our experts can bolster the level of tech strategy in your business without the overhead of a full time CTO or CIO

Our strategically led approach takes a holistic view of your business to develop a tech strategy that maximises ROI, encourages adoption and propels your business forward.

Microsoft Experts

Microsoft is an industry and enterprise software leader that provides robust, stable and secure software solutions.

Our Microsoft specialties include PowerBI, SharePoint, SQL server and .NET frameworks

Data Insights and Analysis

The ability to access and analyse data is a game changer when it comes to making key strategic decisions to accelerate the growth of your business.

iGenius can help you harness the power of your business and customer data to generate better insights and a competitive edge

Customer Focused Delivery

Our customers and their businesses are at the core of what we do.

Our transparent and value driven approach is key to the success of our solutions which are designed to compliment and enhance your business

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