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Web & Mobile Apps

Web & Mobile Apps

Javascript development has exploded recently as the new, modern way of developing cost effective and highly "request driven" applications. This is due to Javascript's ability to asynchronously deliver content to thousands of web viewers using minimal and light frameworks hosted on cheaper server resources.

iGenius has invested heavily in the latest Javascript frameworks like NodeJS, Express, Vue.js, ReactJS and React Native as well newcomer AdonisJS, all of which provide a similar robust result compared to larger frameworks like .NET.

We have combined these frameworks with some forward thinking, cutting edge minds, UX designers and architectural thinkers to help your business build amazing web and mobile apps.

Consider the following before you build your next web or mobile applications:

  • React Native allows javascript developers to build a web application that converts to a Google Play store app or iPhone store app (no need to learn swift, or java anymore)
  • Vue.js brings the best of Angular and ReactJS together to be the premier web framework for real-time applications moving forward
  • AdonisJS now comes out of the box with the same tooling as Django (Python) or Laravel (PHP) to provide developers with the quickest way to build web applications hosted on a Linux distro
  • NodeJS has revolutionised web applications allowing for very small applications to be built that can serve thousand of users at a fraction of the cost

VueJS Development

Web & Mobile Apps Packages

Ad-hoc JS Development


For businesses with new / existing web or mobile applications built in Javascript frameworks like jQuery, Vue.js, ReactJS, NodeJS, AdonisJS we offer cost effective support hours to use on your next project without the need to hire a full time developer.

Support Hrs Included
Bronze 10hrs
Silver 22hrs
Gold 40hrs
Platinum 80hrs

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