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.NET Development

.NET Development

.NET is Microsoft's flagship development framework that has been widely adopted throughout most of the Enterprise environment, backed by Microsoft's large development, support and architecture team.

With an industry standard set of tools, the .NET framework has provided many businesses with stability, security and increased efficiency when delivering their enterprise applications.

At iGenius, our team of mid-level to senior .NET developers employ innovative and creative thinking when it comes to developing your next internal or external enterprise application.

Advantages to choosing .NET include:

  • Pre-built out-of-the-box tools to quickly ramp up solutions for developers saving your business time and money
  • Built on Microsoft stack with familiar Microsoft licensing, support and updates
  • Leverages standardised Microsoft database technology, servers and IT infrastructure
  • Can be deployed to Microsoft's cloud "Azure" easily using out-of-the-box tools

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.NET Development Packages

Ad-hoc .NET development


For businesses with existing .NET applications or who require new systems built within the .NET framework, we provide flexible and cost effective .NET developer resources based on your requirements.

Support Hrs Included
Bronze 10hrs
Silver 22hrs
Gold 40hrs
Platinum 80hrs

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