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Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

Built by Microsoft for maximum flexibility and extensibility, Dynamics 365 is the next step in the evolution of a combined ERP and CRM product that is both affordable and accessible to all businesses.

It enables your business to roll several processes into one solution, maximising the analytical power of your data and making it accessible to anyone at anytime. Regardless of department, whether it be marketing or production or sales, each department within a business can access the same data, in real time.

The consolidation of critical business data in one place means less time spent on duplicated data entry or transferring data from one location to another, relieving strain on resources and boosting productivity. Increased levels of automation also boost productivity and reduce errors making the data and insights more reliable and accurate.

Security is also a key benefit with Microsoft handling the backup, protection and integrity of your data helping to protect from cybersecurity threats.

Dynamics 365 is the next step for businesses in:

  • Manufacturing and Supply chain
  • Logistics
  • Construction (residential and commercial)
  • Product innovation
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Financial services
  • IT managed services
  • Banking

Dynamics can also be coupled with SharePoint 365 (online) to further enhance it's abilities in document management, workflow and approval tasks.

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Dynamics 365 Packages

Dynamics 365 Starter pack


For businesses new to Dynamics 365, we deliver a complete and cost effective digital transformation balancing Dynamics 365 customisation and best practice out-of-the-box configuration to ensure maximum adoption and ROI

Package inclusions:

  • Basic ERP / CRM setup
  • Best practice configuration based on Microsoft guidelines
  • Customised training session and reference manuals
  • Governance strategy to maintain system integrity
  • Support agreement

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Dynamics 365 Improvements pack


For businesses with existing Dynamics 365 CRM / ERP systems we implement scalable growth and improvement packages based on company goals and objectives.

Package inclusions:

  • Full Dynamics 365 system(s) audit
  • Health check & recommendations, highlighting wins, potential issues and areas for improvement
  • Leadership team Immersion workshop(s) to establish goals and objectives
  • Key stakeholders workshop(s) to align department processes and procedure
  • Phased delivery implementation approach with budget and timelines
  • Support agreement

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Ad-hoc Dynamics 365 Support


For businesses with existing Dynamics 365 systems we provide cost effective ad-hoc Dynamics 365 support based on your requirements.

Support Hrs Included
Bronze 10hrs
Silver 22hrs
Gold 40hrs
Platinum 80hrs

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