With our diverse range of experts and skill sets, iGenius can apply the most effective tech solution for your needs.

This broad range of knowledge means our solutions are based on the core objectives of our customers and are not tied to one particular platform or framework. Here is a look at some of the tech we use when building our solutions.

Web Development

Web is a crowded and opinionated space - however we don’t think it needs to be complicated.

We choose the right framework for the right situation based on your business requirements , ensuring we implement a platform conducive to long-term growth, flexibility and stability.

Our tech. stack and preferred platforms are:

  • MERN Stack / HTML5 Client side - NodeJS, Express, MongoDB / MySQL, React.js or Vue.js

  • MVC style apps - For fast development cycles we use AdonisJS and Django (python based)

  • API development - .NET core / .NET MVC with Linq2SQL / Entity Framework or AdonisJS / NodeJS

  • Database development - MS SQL Server, MySQL or MongoDB

Depending on the type of web development required, it’s not uncommon for iGenius to follow 2 different flows when choosing the right framework.

Non customer facing / FUNCTIONAL applications

For rapid development where good looking User Interaction is not a priority we choose server side MVC style apps. This gives our clients the advantage of faster development cycles and faster security integration.


For web applications that are customer facing, require re-usable APIs we choose client side HTML5 client side development using ReactJS / VueJS and backend API’s powered by AdonisJS and NodeJS or .NET core / .NET MVC and other related Microsoft products.


We believe in building things once and then releasing to multiple platforms. Therefore, when we consider mobile app development we look to use technology that already exists and doesn’t require specialist developers unless its absolutely necessary.

Our mobile tech stack and preferred platforms are:

  • React Native - re-using our ReactJS resources to build Native iOS and Android apps

  • Ionic Framework - For hybrid application development for rapid results


An important part of the custom software development process is to implement robust practices that ensure software is delivered on time and on budget.

To deliver on this we employ the following industry standard best practices:

  • Continuous Deployment where within 10 minutes, any piece of software can be delivered and deployed live and ready for testing. Some of our competitors take days to achieve this result, we do it in minutes

  • Automated Testing that ensures the system is tested initially by a person and subsequently tested by an automated “robot” that confirms all of the existing functionality works as intended

  • Agile Development enabling our customers to quickly commence a custom development project, deploy it and continue adjusting and refining to evolve the solution in a collaborative way

  • Cloud DevOPS ensures our developers are leveraging cloud where required to manage costs and keep infrastructure to a minimum where possible

  • API first approach wherever possible to ensure we build data points once and re-use as many times as possible saving time, money and configuration