iGenius will integrate seamlessly into your business with our range of specialist services and expert consultants


Sharepoint & office 365

Having worked with SharePoint 2007, we have a well established SharePoint practice with multiple experts who can configure and develop SharePoint to its optimal potential.

Assisting in everything from initial installations, audits and health checks we have an expert team who pride themselves on being able to utilise all of the strengths of the Microsoft SharePoint platform whilst designing a solution that best suits your business needs and scale.

Our other specialties include - workflow and form creation, data portals, reports, client portals, internal document management systems, new projects and enterprise applications.

iGenius also offers general SharePoint and Office 365 support and ticketing to ensure that your SharePoint environment runs at optimal capacity. We take a proactive approach in raising potential risks and issues before they become critical, limiting the amount of down time for your business


IT Consulting

The iGenius consulting arm covers all aspects of your technology needs. This includes high level strategy and insights, systems implementation, reviews and maintenance. 

Our proactive approach uses sophisticated and effective strategies to support business continuity, mitigate risks and ensure ongoing system stability, avoiding potential disasters and downtime to protect your businesses bottom line. 

iGenius can also conduct infrastructure reviews to determine the state of your current systems. We provide ongoing strategies and guidance on potential improvements and optimisations to keep your systems efficient and working at optimal capacity.

We believe that we are an extension of your current IT team and will keep your business informed of all new technology enhancements, apps and systems, taking advantage of the rapidly changing tech landscape and using it to give your business a competitive edge.


CTO & cio services

One of our most requested services is that of a part-time CTO / CIO who is able to provide high level technical advice, strategic planning and implementation as well as a technical roadmap for your business while you implement new innovations and systems.

Our expert CTOs / CIOs help take your business to the next level without the overheads of a permanent in-house role.

With the ability to scale rapidly, this flexible model supports the short and long-term ambitions of your business, elevating your existing team and culture into a high performing and cohesive unit as your business progresses through its transformation journey.


tech solutions for Small to medium enterprises

For businesses with fewer than 200 staff, we offer cost competitive tech solutions for companies looking to add new products to their suite as well as integrate existing systems. We work with new and current systems to ensure seamless integration and in short, get the systems to "talk to each other". 

iGenius experts lead the way in driving innovations that enhance continuous improvement in your business. Our highly trained resources provide the ability to add scale to your existing team, deliver bespoke solutions and run medium to large projects within your organisation.

It is not uncommon for SME's to approach iGenius initially with a rough idea and plan on what their goals are and how they might go about achieving them. Working with these goals, we can provide additional advice, experience and indicative costings and timings on how to reach these goals with our pre-scoping process.


tech solutions for startups

For small businesses and startups with fewer than 20 staff, we have customised solutions and programs to bring to life your new idea or venture whilst considering the limitations that are unique to the startup space.

As part of this program, iGenius will guide you through the plethora of technology available and how powerfully it can enhance your business idea from inception all the way through to implementation.

Our customers tell us that we "Turn a vision into a tangible and functioning piece of technology" and we pride ourselves on enabling the startup market to thrive and create new businesses in this exciting and dynamic space.


business intelligence and dashboards

For businesses who may already be using our bespoke systems or industry platforms such as SharePoint, iGenius offers the ability to "find the data within the data". The data is interpreted and presented via dashboards and reports, enabling key stakeholders to make more informed, data driven decisions through simple visualisations.

Our Business Intelligence practice was born out of many custom development projects where there was consistent demand for detailed reporting on trends and analytics that could drive business efficiencies and improvements. We provide domain experts from many different industries who not only understand your data but are experts in making it meaningful for staff, management and directors alike.