Our Methodology

The iGenius approach always starts with the end goal in mind. From this point, we work with your business to define a clear path on how we will work towards achieving that goal. Our experience in delivering successful projects is based on high level strategic thinking, planning expertise and efficient implementation.

Applying this way of working to any business problem, new idea or continuous improvement project forms the basis of our iGenius Framework - a hybrid of best practice project management and our own expertise. The iGenius Framework was created as a bespoke approach to aligning key stakeholders and working collaboratively towards delivering tangible business outcomes and meeting project success criteria.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not to stop questioning.
— Albert Einstein

As part of the iGenius Framework, our staff deliver real time progress updates to maintain transparency and drive efficiency with clear and open communication lines. We provide customised reporting dashboards highlighting project wins, identifying opportunities for improvement whilst also ensuring that risks and issues are addressed and communicated promptly.

The iGenius Framework also displays projected estimates that establish the overall health of the project, keeping our customers informed and enabling better business decisions based on smarter project data.

This holistic approach provides a succinct and accurate overview of each project, ensuring relevant stakeholders remain informed of progress. We have a strong track record of high quality delivery that allows your business to confidently partner with iGenius to deliver on your business outcomes on time and within budget.