Every business has a unique set of complex requirements and issues that need to be navigated on a day to day basis to ensure operations run smoothly.

iGenius are experts in creating custom software solutions that enhance the running of your business, taking into consideration the unique challenges you face but most importantly, setting you up for future goals and growth.

We build advanced web applications and mobile apps that can help your business realise the significant benefits of custom software solutions. Get in touch to see how we can help you with:

  • Client Portals

  • Frameworks

  • Customer Facing Applications

  • Automation solutions

  • Workflow & Approval Systems

  • Customer data storage & marketing automation solutions

  • Web applications

  • Mobile applications

Here are just some of the ways that implementing an iGenius custom software solution can benefit your business:


Custom software is built for your business with your goals in mind. It is a bespoke, personalised solution that addresses your business needs and aligns with your way of working. Unlike off the shelf solutions, custom software doesn’t require you to make major operational changes, instead it works as a tool to complement and enhance your operations.


If your business has multiple functions (finance, marketing, fulfilment etc.), it is likely these are spread across multiple systems resulting in reduced efficiencies, additional costs and accuracy issues. Custom software solutions enhance the way information flows through your business ensuring a more seamless and cohesive way of working between various business functions, suppliers and customers alike.


Because of the personalised nature of custom software solutions, they are built with the future of your business in mind. Unlike off the shelf solutions that can be outgrown as your business expands, custom solutions evolve with your business and adapt to changing requirements and issues.

Support and Maintenance

Custom software support is more accessible and more personalised than off the shelf support. Like the software itself, you can customise your level of maintenance and support rather than being restricted to mandatory, prepackaged support options.

Cost efficiency

Any requirements around additional integration or increasing scale are managed more effectively with a customised solution, meaning you won’t need to replace your solution or be able to outgrow it.


The bespoke nature of custom software can help protect your business from threats such as hacking. Hackers are more versed in commonly used software solutions whose vulnerabilities are more easily exploited. A custom piece of software is unique and therefore not as vulnerable to exploitation.