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5 Signs That Your Business May Need a Tech Upgrade

Are the current systems and technology in your business impacting efficiency and growth?

Adam Johnstone
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Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

It can be difficult to identify whether or not a businesses current technology and systems are working as effectively as they could be or whether they are in fact hindering its ability to operate efficiently and promote growth.

Here are five indicators that a business may need to reevaluate its current systems and technology.

No proactive and integrated tech strategy in place.

As a business grows, it is common for it to have systems that are disjointed and operating in silos. Integrating these systems will help streamline processes and workflows, minimise errors, create greater efficiencies and prepare a business for future growth. Before going ahead and upgrading a legacy system, invest in a tech strategy that is proactive, customised to your business and its goals and that provides the flexibility to evolve. An integrated and holistic approach can be far more beneficial in the long run compared to a siloed approach of upgrading individual systems.

No ability to access real time data

Access to real time data has many benefits and enables businesses to make informed decisions in an agile and efficient way. It can also give businesses a competitive edge over their competitors by gaining better intelligence on everything from operational processes to customer satisfaction. Outdated systems can hinder access to crucial data, delaying decision making and making it difficult for management to get a clear view on key performance indicators.

Technology is slow and unreliable

If your system is slow in responding, loading or backing up, chances are it is having a detrimental effect on productivity. However, slow response times are not the only issue. Unreliable systems that randomly shut down or fail can result in significant data losses that can set a business back even further. In terms of longevity, it can be assumed that software or hardware tends to last around 2- 5 years, depending on how it is being utilised. Once some of these issues begin to surface, it may be the case that it is costing the business more to ignore them rather than undertake the necessary upgrades.

Security is an afterthought

Cyber security is a hot topic right now and an issue that isn’t going away any time soon. A security strategy can no longer be an afterthought and should be at the forefront of any tech strategy or tech upgrade. The cost of a security breach can be a huge hit to the bottom line of a business, not just in terms of cost but also in terms of reputation and potential legal implications.

The current structure doesn’t support flexibility and mobility for staff

Workplaces and staff are increasingly relying on devices to improve mobility and accessibility whilst reducing the need to be tied to a certain location. Outdated systems and technology hinder a workplaces ability to collaborate and be productive by restricting access to documents and systems to a physical location. If your business is struggling to keep up with increased mobility requirements of staff, it is worth exploring other options such as Cloud solutions that can enable businesses to evolve with the changing landscape.

It is important to remember that any changes or upgrades to technology should be determined by business goals and requirements. Simply saying ‘let's move everything into the cloud’ without considering the goals of a business and its people can result in technology and systems that are unaligned and inefficient. At iGenius, we take a holistic approach to technology, providing tech solutions based on a business and people first way of working. Find out more by booking a free initial consultation here.

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