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5 Reasons to Use SharePoint for Document Management

Since its introduction in 2001, SharePoint has set the bar in workplace collaboration and document management.

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Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

The absence of a well designed and inclusive process around document management can have a detrimental impact on collaboration and efficiency within a business.

SharePoint offers much more than document management however using this as a starting point is a great way to demonstrate some of the benefits SharePoint can bring to an organisation.

Here are five ways a business can benefit from using SharePoint for document management:

1. Stop using email to collaborate and share documents

It would be hard to imagine anyone wanting to receive more emails than they already do so it makes sense to move the collaboration and sharing of documents away from email and into a document management system like SharePoint. Having team members trawl through emails to find attachments is detrimental not only to productivity but can also pose a number of security risks with minimal protection for potentially sensitive information.

2. Break the folder hierarchy restraints

File sharing through a folder structure is not only restrictive, but can get a little out of control with deep hierarchies of nested sub folders. SharePoint allows teams to overlay metadata fields with the ability to organise and tag documents with additional information so users aren’t reliant on just hierarchy to find what they are looking for. The ability to add information such as author, date, keywords etc. means users no longer have to be knee deep in folders to access the right files.

3. Keep things moving with automation

Using workflows in SharePoint removes bottlenecks in approval processes and ensures that all team members have visibility over approval and work processes helping to eliminate confusion and delays. This functionality ensures that each team member knows the process and has the correct access to keep things moving.

4. Customise to make it work for you

SharePoint can be customised in so many ways so a governance plan is key to making it work for your business. The right balance between best practices and customisations make all the difference when it comes to adoption and ensuring teams can realise the full benefits.

5. Keep a check on version control

Easily track information about files through document version history which gives users the ability to determine when a document was changed, what was amended and who made the amendments. In addition, this feature makes it easy to restore previous versions of files if unplanned or unwanted changes are made.

Where to begin

If your business is not yet using SharePoint for the purposes of document management, it is important to ensure that introducing it is a collaborative and inclusive process, much like the system itself. Balancing the needs of your business and its people with the right technology means that any new system can become an asset utilised to its full potential.

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