The ability to access and analyse data is a game changer when it comes to making key strategic decisions to accelerate the growth of your business.

From internal process improvements to enhancing customer experience, here are some of the ways that iGenius can help your business harness its data. Chat to us about a free 30 minute consultation and start making your data work harder for your business.

  • Dashboards and KPI Tracking to track and optimise performance across all facets of your business against a variety of measurable KPI’s that are tailored and configured to your business goals

  • Analysis and insight generation to define and support business strategies and highlight key findings

  • Measurement tools for continuous improvement and optimisation

  • Data integrations for a more holistic and accurate view of your data across multiple business functions

  • Data migrations which are seamless, thoroughly planned and protect the integrity of your businesses valuable data whilst being able to communicate it to internal and external / cloud systems

  • API development for implementing an API culture in your organisation that allows secured data to flow inside and outside your internal databases, data warehouses and also API’s from internal systems

  • Data aggregation and reporting for more consistent and robust reporting tools (other than Excel) to aggregate data and report on end-of-month, quarterly or weekly operations critical to the running of your business