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The iGenius mission is to build new software, technology and products that bring back that "human element" because they are warm, inviting, inclusive, well designed, harmonious and in-sync with our lives - so much so that it brings back that “twinkle in the eye” for our customers.

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Our Services

See what we do and how we do it

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots, Intelligent Client Portals and Machine Learning. We are experts at using the latest in AI trends and solutions and bringing them to your business to provide real meaning.

Client Portals

Websites & Portals built to give your customers the VIP treatment while cutting down the time it takes to manage them.

Hybrid Developement

Need hybridised Onshore and Offshore development to save money while getting that quality software you need built? We have mastered the process and tamed the beast so that you don't have to.

Social Media

After successfully launching our own products over Social Media our customers started asking us to help them grow their businesses on social media as well. And so our social media business was born!

Idea Creation & Strategy

Sometimes just knowing what certain technology can do is half the battle. 
If you have an idea that requires some software or technology we can get it realised with our structured workshops that facilitate the idea growth into turn it into a reality.

Robotic Reporting

Robots are good especially when they are analysing data showing us insights that us 'humans' may have missed..
Use our Robotic Reporting to find the "interesting data" and pass it to your Data Scientist... Oh and the cost savings? 
You're welcome!


"Everything we do follows the 3 key principles set out in our iGenius Blueprint. We rank everything against these 3 key factors and if they don't stack-up, we go back to the drawing board. This ensures that you, the customer, always gets the best product possible while maintaining that human element always."
- Adam Johnstone (founder of iGenius)

About Us

Why do we get up in the morning to do what we do?

We saw an issue with the way things were done.

"We believe that new software and technology more often that not has come to feel clunky, cold and literal in an age where human interaction and that crucial "human element" is at an all time low."

We made a promise to our customers.

"By following 3 key guiding principles that aim to bring back that "human element" in our work - we are able to build for our customers awesome software, products and technology that's also a joy to use."

Our Awesome Team

Well we think they are pretty awesome!

Adam Johnstone

Chief Technology
& Innovation Officer

Eliza Golub

Chief Marketing Officer

Aarav Bhatia


John Paul


A quote we live by...

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.
And what you do simply proves what you believe"
- Simon Sinek, Start with Why


700 Burke Street, Docklands VIC, 3008, Australia


Phone:   +61 1300 443 648